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As Department of Architecture
In the PCE and Architecture 2006

IADS is located at Nagpur, in the centre of India. Famously known as the 'Orange City', Nagpur is one of the fastest developing cities of the country, but uniquely, without the overpowering gust of development experienced in other such cities!! Nagpur still is a calm, quiet and peaceful city, with a comprehensive spread and accommodating multi-cultural populance.

This, along with its location, makes Nagpur a perfect city for two of the most vital necessities for any society - Health and Education. Indeed, it has become a major hub for the two aspects.

We shall strive to
achieve a 'meaningful
humane & sensitive architecture',


Chairman Cherishes

The Chairman cherishes the Sanstha as the live entity of this intellectual aspirations.As a conglomeration of 26 institutions it is the collective .

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Leaders of Lokmanya Pariwar

PIADS is an integral part of our LTJSS family. It's the institute that upholds the vision of the Sanstha with dignity and grace,

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Ladder to Success

Architecture of today has become very complex and incorporates allied fields and science like it never did before. Complex and ever changing typologies,

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A Genuine Approach to Academics

Our educational thrust is based on a very high level of commitments and involvement and a process, which emphasizes on meaningful, humane and sensitive architecture, which responds to context, climate & tradition and is rooted to its land and is an integral part of its people.

A Dedicated Team of Faculty & Staff

We can announce itself loud and clear, thanks to its highly qualified, dedicated and ample faculty strength.
The team has sincerely worked towards the development of students and the college.


Any Institute is decidedly progressive because of the vision of the Management. The Management at LTJSS is very clear about its forward thinking vision, and has wholeheartedly supported the institute in achieveing the best possible standards, be it infrastructure or academics. Any institute is best announced through its faculty. We can announce itself loud and clear, thanks to its highly qualified, dedicated and ample faculty strength. The team has sincerely worked towards the development of students and the college.
Meet our Faculty

A Vibrant Academic Centre

Numerous activities and events are regularly organized in PIADS for the benefit of students and faculty. A much broader perspective is achieved through these and has taken the institute to a wider platform in the field of architectural education as well the society.

Aura! Full of Fun!
Knowledge, Fun & Learn!

Advantages All Around

  • Most Conducive Atmosphere for Teaching & Learning Architecture
  • Largest Architecture College in Central India
  • Leading College of Architecture (with 18 years of experience)
  • Maximum no. of U.G. & P.G. courses in Central India
  • Strong international presence and International Events
  • Only college in India with an anticipated International collaboration with UNSW Sydney
  • Extensive and top class infrastructure, faculty profile and student cohort
  • Best variety and quality of students from all over the country
  • High number of merit students every year
  • Large number of students who have successfully enlisted for higher education in reputed institutes from India and all over the world.
  • Students with very successful practices in Nagpur, Delhi, Pune, Mumbai, Bangalore and many other cities of India
  • Students have established themselves as successful professionals in many foreign countries
  • Students have participated in and won many competitions
  • Faculty with higher and varied qualifications
  • Maximum faculty with International Exposure, Rich Professional Experience & Continuous Academic Development
  • A mentor and guide to other upcoming institutes and strong ties with Professional Institutes

Shared Facilities

The Campus

The progressive vision is best epitomized by the high quality of infrastructure. With a brand new innovatively designed architecture building equipped with the best possible facilities and equipments, the Institutes gives a perfect environment for creative education.

Achievements Galore!!

The best possible academic environment at PIADS and its high quality student profile have made the Institute a true "Centre of Excellence". The Students of PIADS have excelled at all levels in academics, in competitions and in the profession. The results are brilliant & intense!!

Tat-tvam - E-Journal

PIADS, Nagpur, with an objective of promoting research in architecture, released it's "of its kind" International E-Journal "Tat-tvam: The Language of Perceptions" in 2012. Tat-tvam is a bianuual, interdisciplinary, internationally refereed e-jounal of Architecture.

Years of experience
Activities each year