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From the Principal's Desk


Principal's Desk

Since the dawn of civilization, Architecture has always played a key and vital role in every society and nation. Civilizations have always been linked and known by it's Architecture. With the dramatic and fast development of Science, Technology and rapid pace of industrialization as well as of urbanization, the Architecture too has scaled to newer heights and society in general has acknowledged importance of Architecture and it's impact on day to day living in general and to the overall environment in particular, so much so that the study and development of Architecture is not considered as an independent and indispensable field of learning so as to produce men of competence, expertise and skills to handle, promote, evolve and practice the ever changing requirements of modern day living, working, recreation, health and such varied spectrum of present day life.

No doubt, to fulfill and meet the society's demands and aspirations there has to be a centre of learning with a strong and base in the filed of Architecture. We at PIADS are fully equipped to meet the requirements, challenges and aspirations of our society. We provide State of Art Infrastructure, technology, well equipped and planned Library, Workshops, highly talented and dedicated faculty all to ensure a highly conducive environment and a right platform for learning Architecture and build environment. We at PIADS are committed to provide to the students the Best in every aspect to make them fit to meet and face the present day demands.

Prof. Nishant Manapure

PIADS Nagpur